Office building with commercial space at Wołoska 24 St. in Warsaw

An office building with commercial-service space on Wołoska 24 St. does not have a single user. It is intended for rent to tenants who have great range of possibilities for individual division of space. It also meets with their individual functional and technical requirements. The building has the form of a cuboid with a rectangular base with dimensions of ca 112x25m and various heights. The eleven-storey, higher part, is a dominant adjacent to the eastern side of the area where the “town square” was defined by the local Masterplan. This dominant closes the perspective of Konstruktorska Street. The rest of the building has seven floors. On the ground level, on the perimeter of the entire building, a single-storey and accessible for pedestrians arcades were designed. In the middle of the building’s length there is an entrance courtyard of the office part, which is also a driveway for cars. A parking lot for bicycles is adjacent to the entrance courtyard. The architectural design of the ground floor together with the landscape around the building is adapted to the existing morphology of the area and functionally uses the difference of the natural terrain slope, amounting to more than 2 m along the entire length of the building. The building has four underground levels with a garage for cars.

The facade is composed of metal and glass. In search of light, shade and color effects at different times of the day it use a seven centimeter differences in the relief depth.

The entrance hall’s ar minimalistically composed of materials such as metal and glass.


Technical data

Total volume: ca. 161,211 m3

Total area: approx. 41,413 m2

Usable area: ca. 33,914 m2


Number of storeys:

underground: 4

overground: 11


Number of parking spaces:

underground: 525

overground: 16