Architect of many horizons, threads and polyvalent skills. In his projects architectural fabrics and spaces are being shaped simultaneously as sculpture, painting and engineering piece of art. In his work he promotes the evolutionary and not revolutionary changes in material culture. He is a devoted reader and architectural contemporary interpreter of philosophy; neo-platonian and phenomenology in particular. With delightment and knowledge he developes in contextual architectural projects the variety of semantic associations. Creates in different scales – starting from urban designs through skyscrapers gardens projects, up to furniture and interior design. He is developing his work in the tradition of early modernism architecture with strong references to the modern art, especially the modern painting; the Fauvist, The Neo – impressionists, The Nabis as well as the Avant garde of postwar fifties of XX th century. The fact that he always takes care of architectural detaling and works skillfully with traditional and contemporary materials as well as with new technologies makes each of his constructions important and particulary singular.